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Kitchen Knife Set In Gift Box Reviews – Beautiful & Unique Gifts for Her

Looking to sharpen up your kitchen skills?

Check out our guide to buying the best kitchen knife sets and individual kitchen knives

You know it’s time for some new kitchen knives when, despite having sharpened them to death, you find yourself flattening tomatoes, raggedly sawing your way through meat or slipping and nearly chopping your fingers off every time you try to tackle an onion. But with a myriad of shapes, sizes and price tags (some running into hundreds of pounds), how do you know where to start in your quest for your brilliant new knife?

You may also be dogged by other predicaments: should you buy your knives individually, or as a set? Do you need to go for a well-known brand? What specific features should you consider? Our guide will help you decipher these – and other – quandaries so that you can slice through your salami and race through your red cabbage effortlessly for years to come. Skip past our buying guide, and you’ll find verdicts on the best individual knives and kitchen knife sets to buy.

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Would you like to present something which is unique and different? Do you wish to stand apart from the rest of the crowd when it comes to presenting something for wedding anniversary or other such special events? You have many reasons to look into the prospect of offering kitchen knife set in gift box. It certainly could be an awesome gift which will be used by the recipients on a daily basis.

They have the best of intrinsic value and you will be remembered for quite some time for this gift. We will have a look at two different models of knife sets for providing some basic information.


6-piece Rainbow-Colored Kitchen Knife Set In Gift Box by Sofia’s Store


If you are looking for that unique gifting option for your love, then there are reasons to believe that the 6-piece rainbow kitchen knife set could be a wonderful option. Coming from the house of Sofia there are quite a few interesting features about this gifting set.

Not content to follow the crowd, you’re always on the look out for creative home solutions — like this gorgeous, rainbow-colored 06-piece knife set. This stainless steel set comes with a chef knife, butcher knife, utility knife, serrated knife, a paring knife and Geramic Peeler, as well as 4C-Gift Box. The food-safe color coating is non-toxic and these lightweight knives can be stored in a drawer to give you back your counter space.

Main Features

  • The 6 piece set comes with 8 inch rainbow chef knife, bread knife of 8 inches, carving knife of the same size, utility knife of 5 inches, Geramic peeler of 3.5 inches and paring knife of 3.5 inches. Hence, you give your woman everything she need in her kitchen.

  • It comes packed in a luxury box and could also be a great gifting idea for house warming, birthday and other special events.
  • They are totally food safe and are made from quality steel. They also com e coated with stick resistant coating.
  • They are easy to grasp and work on because of non-slippery handles.
  • They are also dishwasher safe and easy to wash and clean.


  • Quite reasonably priced and offered good value for money.
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee making it very attractive.
  • Is made of the best steel and therefore is rust and corrosion resistant.
  • It is ergonomically designed and easy to use.
  • Extremely sharp. It’s a perfect gift set.


This knife set allowing for rocking and chopping motions – with outstanding balance and grip – that make short work of everything from fine slicing to precision dicing. The blade, which is made from a single piece of chromium and carbon stainless steel, heated to 1,000°C, then frozen at -70°C, is as strong as they come, as well as having good longevity. No wonder this EverRich-made knife is a favourite of some top YAN chefs.

More than 200 reviewers mostly rave about the quality and look of these stylish knives. “These knives are awesome!” one reviewer writes. “Very happy with purchase. It’s a beautiful set of knives. Extremely sharp. It’s a perfect gift set. I’ll buy again to give it to my friends. I have been having fun cutting tiny slices of veggies with no work at all, they are that sharp.”

8-Piece Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set with Revolving Block


Coming from the house of Sofia’s Store this is another high quality knife set which could be perfect as a gifting option. Here are some salient features

8 pcs Kitchen Knife set with Revolving Block - Best gift

Main Features

  • It comes with 8 pieces including chef knife, utility knife, carving knife, paring knife, scissors and also knife sharpener.
  • They are stylish to look at and perform well under demanding circumstances.
  • It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee


  • It is made from high quality material and is rust and corrosion resistant.
  • It is extremely sharp and offers high quality cutting and other jobs for years at length.
  • Comes in an attractive box and is a perfect gifting option.


  • One happy reviewer raves that their “weight and balance feel great in your hand, and these knives are super SHARP!” and that the wooden block looks great in their kitchen.

The 18-Piece Cutlery Knife Block Of Your Dreams, At An Incredible Value

The Best Kitchen Knife set 2018

Some cooks are happy with one or two good knives, but if you don’t adhere to that way of thinking and want all of the knives you can get, well, you can’t do much better than this 18-piece cutlery knife block. There’s a lot of value here for the price. This stainless steel set includes a parer, peeler, utility knife, chef, slicer, bread, partoku, santoku, stainless sharpening steel, and eight steak knives. The black comfort grip poly handles make it easier for you to hold these knives steadily as you chop and dice and Taper Grind technology provides a more precise, sharp cut that’s a breeze to sharpen.

Where To Buy

Though the product is available in brick and mortar stores, it would be better to buy them from online stores of better quality, variety and much better pricing. The warranty terms are also quite attractive.


In fine, there is no denying the fact that these two models from Sofia’s Store could be good gifting options and also could offer the best value for money.

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